More Photos… Part III – NanoGagliato Opening Night

I am so disappointed that I was unable to attend this beautiful event.

Many people worked very hard for long periods of time to make the event a reality. And, judging from the photographs, it looked like the participants enjoyed themselves and the town was very proud to host the event.

Take a look at the photographs to get a very brief glimpse of the evening’s festivities:

… Palazzo Romiti was the place to be

… Food prepared by the residents of Gagliato

… Visitors from around the World

… Prof. Mauro Ferrari, Mrs. Paola Ferrari and Jo Ann Fleischhauer worked with the residents to make it all happen. It is so obvious that the Ferraris are enamoured with Gagliato and that Gagliato has embraced them.

I would like to take this opportunity to again thank Prof. Mauro Ferrari, Mrs. Paola Ferrari and Jo Ann Fleischhauer for allowing Stephanie and I to be a part of NanoGagliato 2011. The process with us began in October of 2010 and culminated with photographs created and delivered to Jo Ann (in Houston) in July and she then personally transported them to Gagliato. It is obvious that great care went into the selection and preparation of the gallery space and the setup appeared to naturally blend in with the rustic surroundings. Our photographs looked amazing in the cantina. Thanks again. And, we would like to extend a big thank-you to the Romitis for graciously hosting the gallery.

Enjoy these 36 images (courtesy of Jo Ann Fleischhauer) that I have selected from the opening night… there are many to choose from and I will post more in the future. But, for now…

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