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  1. Mary, thank you so much for your kind email.

    I am so happy that you wrote to share your heritage with us all. I would love to find out more about you and your family so that we could “connect the dots” possibly. Gagliato and vicinity are truly wonderful and you certainly would have a memorable experience. If there is anything I can do to help you prepare, please let me know.

    I know of several Garitos in Toronto… I’m sure you must be related? Do you keep in touch?

    Warm regards,


  2. Dear Nicola,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful website dedicated to Gagliato. I never would have thought that I could find any information online about this special town. My paternal grandparents, Vincenzo J Garito and Rosina Marra Garito, emigrated from Gagliato to New York City in the 1920s.

    I hope to visit Gagliato in the next two years or so. I have been to Italy 3 times and have always planned on going to Calabria. I am currently learning Italian and hope to be able to speak to people there when I visit. It would be so fun to get to know the place from where I came.

    Thank you again,
    Mary Garito
    Philadelphia, PA

  3. Hello Ann Marie,

    Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday.

    You mentioned that your grandmother was a Chiaravalloti… I know of several Chiaravalloti families here in Toronto, but the majority are from Satriano, a hop, skip and a jump from Gagliato, like Petrizzi. There are only two Chiaravallotis that I know from Gagliato – Domenic and Frank, brothers. I played soccer with both (in the younger years). There was a third brother, I believe his name was Joseph, but I remember that he died quickly of Leukaemia in the 60’s, just after our arrival from Italy. I wonder if there is a relation between their father and your grandmother? Frank and Domenic are in their 60s, Domenic is older.

    As well, I know a lot of Sinopolis and Cutruzzolas. My sister-in-law is a Cutruzzola – her father was Nicola Cutruzzola and I believe he had at least two brothers – Carmine and Santo – and one sister who lives in Argusto (again, very close to Gagliato).

    Same goes for the Garitos – I know a few.

    Do you know any of the Sinopolis, Cutruzzolas and Garitos in Toronto?

    Maybe you can narrow the family lines and I can attempt to determine your connection with who I know here?

    Still can’t believe that your grandmother left Gagliato in 1927! She was definitely one of the early ones – the Frustaglio family here in Toronto is the only family I am aware of that settled here in those early years. My grandfather left Gagliato in 1925 but he landed in Argentina and lived there until 1972 – when my father learned that he was still alive and repatriated him.

    Yes, in this big yet small but very fast changing world it is nice to be able to communicate with someone with a somewhat common background.

    A presto,


  4. Good Morning Nicola,

    So happy to hear from you.

    I’m not sure about the relatives we have on the Pugliese side of the family. My grandfather, Salvatore Pugliese, was from Petrizzi, which is not far from Gagliato. I know much more about my mother’s relatives that resided in Gagliato. I would love to hear any details about the Pugliese family. I do know of our relatives in Canada named Cutruzzola and Sinopoli, although I’ve never met them. Have you been back to Gagliato lately? I can’t wait to go back but, it won’t be for a couple of years. Thanks so much for your email and it’s nice to think that we may have some relatives/friends in common.

    Warm regards,
    Ann Marie Belasco

  5. Ann Marie, hello!

    Thanks for your kind email.

    So, is your mom related to the late Tito Pugliese? He, his late wife and is two sons, Daniele and Aldo (Aldo’s daughter, Dina, is a television personality here in Toronto) spent a lot of time at our house when I was growing up. I will have to ask my parents if they recall any details about your family.

    Warmest regards,

    Nicola Gareri.

  6. It was a great pleasure viewing the pictures of Gagliato and seeing the comments from everyone. My mother was born in the beautiful town and my husband and I were lucky enough to visit some years ago. When we arrived in Gagliato, we were introduced to Giuseppe Cutruzzola, a lovely man, and he gave us a tour of the tiny town. It was just as my mother described from the memory of an eight year-old. We have connections to the Sinopoli, Garito and Cutruzzola families. My grandmother was AnnaMaria Pugliese (nee Chiaravalloti). When she left Italy in 1927 for the United States, my grandmother joined her husband in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. My mother Mary, her sister Ruth and their brother Anthony never returned to Gagliato. I know we have relatives in Canada. I am looking forward to visiting Gagliato in the near future with my grown children. Does anyone know of my relatives?

    Ciao, Ann Marie Belasco from New Jersey

  7. Hi Cecilia! I am your cousin Linda Giannotti, your Uncle Domenico’s daughter.

    I was sorry to read that your dad passed away when I read it on your post just now. I remember with great fondness your mom and dad. And I remember when you all used to come to visit at Nonnu and Nonna’s in New Rochelle and all the fun we kids had playing together.

    As you know, I lived in Italy for about a year about 10 years ago. We came back here re: Joe got a good opportunity. But we both loved living there! We visited the family in Gagliato a few times. Love Gagliato! If we ever are able to move back to Italy, we will probably settle down there in Gagliato. We lived in my husband’s family’s town in the Abruzzo mountains and it was absolutely beautiful there as well. It was wonderful seeing Zia Cecilia, and all the cousins down in Gagliato.

    How are Nicky and Bobby and your kids/family? Your kids must be big now!

    I have been contributing to this site for a while now and wonder if you have read any of my posts/articles?

    Hope you keep active on this site and see my reply to your post and we can continue to communicate and contribute things we remember about being gagliatese to this wonderful website.

    Ciao, Linda

  8. Cecilia, sorry to read about your father’s passing. Sincere condolences to you and your family.

    Thank you for posting your comment on the site. I hope that you will consider writing more about your father. Maybe you can share some photos? You can either reply to this message, or you can write to me at

    The Giannotti family is a large family. Maybe you can also provide some additional details about your family tree?


  9. My father was Nicola Giannotti, he passed away on Sunday, October 16, 2011. He would have loved to see these pictures. He loved Gagliato, very proud of this Town and his heritage. I look forward to visiting Gagliato again, and seeing his sister, Cecilia Giannotti Cutruzzola. Thank you for this beautiful slideshow and tribute to Gagliato.

  10. Robert, honestly, I don’t know if Rose will see this post. But, I can find out for you. Can you elaborate on Catarina’s family line(s). I can then discuss with my parents. Where does she live? I will also try to forward your query to Rose. N

  11. Ciao cari amici! Sono Claudia. Il mio nonno e’ nato a Gagliato e anche i miei bisnonni (Italo Passafari, Clara Gallo). Mi piace tantissimo questo sito. Bellissimo!

  12. Hi there! I will be returning to Gagliato after 30 years to show my son his roots. Looking forward to it… does anyone remember my family? My father was Nicola Esposito (Cicarone). Will check back for any response. Thanks!
    Gilford, Ontario, Canada

  13. Chau, sono Claudia Gutierrez from Dublin!!. Como la mia sorella ha scritto miei nonni e bisnonni sono nati li. Ho stato a Gagliato perche abitavo a Filadelfia (2003 -2004). Chi sono anche piu di noi?? Dove siete??
    Dublino, Irlanda

  14. Even though our lives brought us far from Galgiato, our hearts are always there. To all the Gagliatesi in the world: “GOOD HEALTH AND GOOD LIFE”. Let’s keep our roots alive in our hearts through our children and grandchildren.
    Woodbridge, Canada

  15. Even though I was born in Toronto, my roots are from Gagliato. There is something about this little town that gives me Joy to say “I am from Gagliato”. Last year, I was there and I brought my daughter Stephanie. She just said “mom I just did not know what to expect!” She thought there is so much life and love there; so, hopefully we can come back to see you next year… So, to all the people from Gagliato – have a wonderful year, and see you soon!
    Woodbridge, Canada

  16. Holidays makes us more nostalgic remembering our hometown, our roots and the people living in Gagliato and all over the world. My best wishes goes to everyone for a verry happy 2009.
    Ottawa, Canada

  17. Auguro a tutti i figli di Gagliato un anno ricco di felicità!!
    Gagliato, Italia

  18. Hello to everyone with Gagliatesi roots. This is great and I look forward to its growth. I like that I can be connected to my parents and my husbands’s roots from a distance. See you in Italy!!!!!!!!!!!
    Toronto, Canada

  19. This site speaks louder than words, as to the advancements that the modern gagliatese has made.This was all made possible from all of our parents, grandparents and for some great grandparents. Keep up the great work!
    Toronto, Canada

  20. In un dì, che si annuncia ardo, affascina quel tuo modo di essere Donna. Un caro e sincero saluto a Mariana Silvestri Brunello
    Parma, Italia

  21. This website is a great idea and I can’t wait to see some more pictures.
    New York, USA

  22. Good day to all those who bear the name of gagliato in the world.
    Gagliato, Italia

  23. Ciao a tutti! I can’t wait to have some news about our community in Canada. You guys have had a great idea.
    Gagliato, Italia

  24. Hello to you all…Wow, perfect timing, what a great idea… my husband Sam, myself and our daughter Sandra who has never been to Gagliato will be going there this summer. We are very much looking forward to it. This is great.
    Etobicoke, Canada

  25. This website is a window to our heritage. It brings back alot of memories. Thank you.
    Woodbridge, Canada

  26. “Wallcraft” such an Italian name…this website is a wonderful idea. Kevin has not been to Gagliato yet and to be able to show him some actual photos is great. My dad, for sure, will love the historical aspect of this site.
    Mississauga, Ontario

  27. “One generation plants the trees; another gets the shade.” (Chinese proverb)
    With time and contribution, this site will help connect and build a community of the different generations of Gagliatesi around the world through history, stories, pictures and friends.
    Che meraviglioso!
    Toronto, Canada

  28. This is great. I love the pictures. Now I can be kept updated.
    Toronto, Canada

  29. Finally a place where I can connect with people who share a bond to a small town, and where my children can start learning about their heritage.
    Toronto, Canada

  30. Wow, this looks great!! Excited to see it develop….
    Toronto, Canada

  31. This is such a great innovation, to be able to connect with people from our unique roots, for myself and my entire family, especially for my wife who recently immigrated here from Gagliato two years ago. Nicholas, Antonella and baby Giovanni.
    Ottawa, Canada

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