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Accademia di Gagliato delle Nanoscienze (not-for-profit organization – Facebook group)

Associazione Culturale “Ergon” (Facebook group)

Associazione Culturale “Gianni De Luca” – Gagliato (viewable but inactive blog of the late Domenico Aspro)

Associazione Culturale “Gianni De Luca” – Gagliato (Facebook group)

CZ Gagliato (Facebook group)

Gagliato Associazione Culturale “Ergon” (Facebook group)

Gagliato Nel Cuore (Facebook group)

“La Strumba” (viewable but inactive blog of the late Domenico Aspro)

NanoGagliato (scientific community)

Pro-Loco Gagliato (Facebook group)

Sei di Gagliato se… (Facebook group)

Rita Carioti photographer

John Cutruzzola’ painter/singer

Gianni De Luca cartoonist/illustrator/graphic designer ( and (

Liz Gareri photographer

Nicola and Stephanie Gareri photographers

Fortunato Gratta’ singer

Francesco Pitaro author/journalist

Vincenzo Pitaro (author/journalist)

Dina Pugliese celebrity and television host of Toronto’s Breakfast Television

Loredana Sangiuliano photographer/graphic designer

Francesco Scandinavo singer/songwriter

Catherine Sgro painter/illustrator

Nick Sinopoli lead singer and percussionist of the rock tribute band The Carpet Frogs

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