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Accademia di Gagliato delle Nanoscienze (Facebook group)

Associazione Culturale “Ergon” (Facebook group)

Associazione Culturale “Gianni De Luca” – Gagliato (Facebook group)

Gagliato Associazione Culturale “Ergon” (Facebook group)

Gagliato Nel Cuore (Facebook group)

Pro-Loco Gagliato (Facebook group)

Sei di Gagliato se… (Facebook group)

Rita Carioti photographer

John Cutruzzola’ painter/singer

Gianni De Luca cartoonist/illustrator/graphic designer ( and (

Liz Gareri photographer

Nicola and Stephanie Gareri photographers

Fortunato Gratta’ singer

Vincenzo Pitaro (author/journalist)

Dina Pugliese celebrity and television host of Toronto’s Breakfast Television

Loredana Sangiuliano photographer/graphic designer

Francesco Scandinavo singer/songwriter

Catherine Sgro painter/illustrator

Nick Sinopoli lead singer and percussionist of the rock tribute band The Carpet Frogs

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