‘u focularu

In days of old, people in Gagliato sat in front of or around ‘u focularu (the fireplace) to share moments of family and friendship. It was a means to connect; it was where few and many gathered to discuss the events of the day; where elders passed on knowledge, advice, and folklore; and, it was where a person could reflect quietly about life.

Today, the reality is that the majority of gagliatesi are scattered throughout the world. They have, for varied and justified reasons, rooted themselves and their families in adopted communities. Most lead very complicated and focused lives. Many have excelled in their endeavours. So, Gagliato is not and should not be expected to be a dominant force in their lives. However, despite that fact, many gagliatesi harbour a quiet emotional connection to Gagliato – to the place or the concept.

Primarily though photography, my hope is that this site may become somewhat of an on-line version of ‘u focularu, to attempt to connect our scattered world community.

Nicola Gareri (Toronto, Canada)