NanoGagliato 2011 presents Poetic Scales: From Sand to Stones

I encourage all residents of Gagliato and visitors during this time to participate:


NanoGagliato 2011 presents Poetic Scales: From Sand to Stones, a multi layered art exhibition and visual dialogue between the residents of Gagliato, the scientists of NanoGagliato and Nicola and Stephanie Gareri from Toronto, Canada.

This exhibition weaves together photographs of Gagliato’s rich architectural past with large scale images of current explorations in nanoscience. An imaginative textual dialogue takes place between the residents of Gagliato and the visiting scientists using art as a bridge between people of different cultures and lifestyles.

Nico and Stephanie Gareri of Toronto, Canada, have captured Gagliato’s rich, poetic, architectural history in elegantly lush black+white photographic images. Presented suspended from the wooden ceiling beams in the frantoio of Palazzo Romiti, the Gareris’ photographs speak of visual memories and archeological poems steeped in history and family stories forgotten or never revealed.

Complementing the images produced by the Gareris, an exhibition of large-scale nano tapestries have been installed on the walls throughout the streets of Gagliato. “Tiny” nano structures captured with highly sophisticated imaging techniques have been enlarged and presented as nanobillboards or tapestries. Vibrantly colored using computer software, the once b/w microscopy images take on the appearance of exotic abstract landscapes. The “visual” conversation was created when the residents of Gagliato were asked to imaginatively respond to the exhibited nanoimages with short verbal phrases. After reading the residents’ remarks, the scientists offered their own creative responses, as well as a short explanation of what the scientific photograph actually was. Using a variety of fonts and lettering styles, the text was integrated into the images, to function as another visual layer.

The locations captured in the Gareris’ photographs pinpoint the locations of the nanotapestries. As the viewer walks through the streets searching for the nanoimages, the viewer begins to discover a layer of Gagliato’s personal story and poetry. The Grand Opening of the exhibition is set for Saturday July 23rd, at Palazzo Romiti (corner of via Roma and via Regina Margherita), around 8 pm. The ladies of Gagliato will offer traditional dishes, in the town’s welcome to the NanoGagliatesi 2011. The exhibit will run through August 7th.

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