Remember the “online focularu”?

I recently received an email from someone in the U.S.A. whose ancestry traces back to Gagliato. A peek at the guestbook will reveal who I am referring to.

During our correspondence, I naturally offered to discuss her father’s family tree with my parents, in the hope that possibly they may recall something about some of her ancestors.

And the other night I also had the opportunity to ask my brother if he recalls any details that would contribute something to the discussion.

The sad and frustrating reality is that my parents and my brother all had little or nothing to contribute because, like all of us, their memories are limited and their knowledge of such details would exist only if it was transferred to them by someone else (through either hearsay or the recounting of actual experiences by an older generation). As time goes on, the memories get fainter and the knowledge gets farther and farther removed.

So, as a result of this exercise, I realized that the words that I had written in the “About this site” section are so very “on the mark”! What am I referring to? Read on…

Imagine for a moment that someone with roots to Gagliato was interested in tracing back their lineage (just like the situation at hand) – and could visit this site and type is a name and the ancestry records would miraculously pop-up, along with any incidental historical details! Would that not be amazing? And, for free!

The only reason such a site does not exist today is because of the lack of cooperation among those who truly would be capable of creating such a site. At various points in time during the existence of this site I have extended an invitation to many individuals and groups to “come together” – only to be either outrightly rejected or silently shunned. Hey, I tried…

So, I can visualize the many who could benefit from such a site and I see them all floating farther and farther away from their origins until the link is lost altogether.

It is truly sad and shameful, and the future generations’ loss.

Of course, this is just my opinion.

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