“A Scialata” (Pasquetta)

After we arrived from Italy (1964), I recall that for many years my Gareri (Vince and Frank and sometimes Domenic) cousins and I would get together on Easter Mondays to celebrate – a scialata – as I remember the term (in literal translation – “the pleasing“). Today, I only hear the more popular term – Pasquettaliterally, “little Easter“. Our venue was always Fairbanks Park on Dufferin Street (Toronto), just south of Eglinton Avenue. Our mothers armed us with i cuzzupi (Easter sweetbread with hard-boiled eggs, still in the shell, embedded), amongst other traditional goodies. We played games and then ate, and then played again – the entire day. In very simple terms, it was a picnic amongst childhood friends. Simple times carried over from our time growing up in Gagliato.

Just thought of sharing that with you.

Buona Pasquetta to all.