Do you remember when Sunday morning or Sunday, the day in general, was special?

For many years after my family’s arrival in Canada, Sunday morning was reserved for the Almighty, for friends, and for family. It was important to dress nicely and to visit God’s house; to visit or be visited by friends; and it was mandatory to transition the morning into a feast-ful delight of traditional Sunday lunch. The rest of the day was sometimes reserved for brief excursions or outings; otherwise, and yet again – the appreciation of family and friends. Many times all were combined into one.

Now it seems that Sunday has been reduced to the same status as every other day. Obviously, the behind-the-scenes forces have been very successful.

Many people are expected to or required to work; Church has been neutralized and completely racially transformed; friends and family can be always deferred to some other unidentified day or evening and week; and those special meals have become so special that they only happen monthly or quarterly. There is simply so much to do and going on that we can’t possibly fit it all in!

Why do I think this way? Actually, believe it or not, these thoughts were triggered by a very recent utterly ridiculous dumb event – banks now open for business on Sunday! Like, that is really necessary.

It was not long ago that banks were open 10:00am to 3:00pm., Monday to Friday only. [Banking jobs used to be revered because of that schedule.] Saturday banking was a novel idea introduced by TD Canada Trust (or its predecessors) and generally welcomed as a convenience boost, but mostly because of the otherwise restricted hours from Monday to Friday. Can someone explain to me why Sunday banking is now necessary? Maybe someone forgot that we’ve had 24/7 bank machines available for a very long time?

The other day I visited the bank and struck a conversation with the teller. When I casually remarked about the absurdity of Sunday banking, she reservedly told of how all bank employees have been put on notice that they will be allowed two consecutive “days off” weekly, but not necessarily Saturdays and Sundays. In other words, the work week will be on a “rolling” schedule, at the discretion of the bank.

Well, is it just a sign of the times or is it the “living” in the big city?

Remember the “Lord’s Day Act” – that obviously “archaic” legislation that permitted only “touristic” attractions and incidental businesses to open on Sundays? Wow, our society has really advanced itself by scrapping it…

So, just in case I confused you, this post is NOT about Sunday banking. It’s simply about Sunday.

Having had the misfortune of experiencing another era, my mind naturally wanders, and recalls when Sunday was really and truly… special.