An Invitation…

Well, good morning to everyone. It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday morning here in Toronto. I hope it’s great where you are as well.

This morning, as I do every morning, I came to the blog and I checked for any communication from anyone other than spammers (you know, those idiotic people and companies that send zillions of unwanted emails and other messages attempting to get a minute percentage to buy products). Spams are automatically rerouted to a folder which I delete every day.

Well, I find it AMAZING that the visits to this site continue to escalate (as of this moment – 1,862 since I recreated the site back in November 2010) but there is almost ZERO feedback or interaction! And, of course, spams are NOT included in those numbers.

I meet people here in Toronto who comment on how they enjoy visiting the blog and seeing the pictures and reading the commentary. So, to me, that is some evidence that the numbers are real and that there are Gagliatesi and friends of Gagliato behind those numbers. The question is, why remain silent? It’s lonely to sit here and simply publish and get almost ZERO in feedback.

This is NOT a commercial site. It is not a money-making venture for me or anyone else associated with me. I simply try to promote some culture – the culture of Gagliato – in whatever form it has morphed to over the recent years.

Whenever I visit the various Facebook pages that deal with Gagliato or the Facebook pages of whom I call “catalyst individuals” – those individuals who can by their sheer presence create mass interest and participation – I notice that it’s generally the same circle of people who participate in discussions. As I read their posts, I notice one very clear underlying constant – each is yearning to be connected to others with the same point of reference. I think that point of reference is… Gagliato.

As I have commented in other posts, the attempts by many others to create an on-line community focused on Gagliato and Gagliatesi have essentially and unfortunately failed – there has been zero to minimal activity for a long time. This site will continue for as long as I can maintain my commitment and interest. But, I have to tell you – it’s getting really lonely here.

Now, I know for a fact (from analyzing visitor data) that this site gets hits from the Gagliato area as well as from Italy, from Switzerland, from other European countries, from Australia, from the USA, along with the majority from Canada. And I also know that some if not most of those “catalyst individuals” whom I referred to above visit this blog. And, it should be noted that many who visit this site are not on Facebook. My invitation is to everyone, but especially to those people who know they can be catalysts in creating more participation, to give this site and blog a try, a chance, to make a difference. We are not a very large world community, but I believe we are a community worth preserving and I ask you to participate and assist me to make this site what is was always meant to be.

One comment per month from each of you would be a HUGE step forward!

I wish you all a good day and a great week.

2 thoughts on “An Invitation…”

  1. Caro Nicola,
    solo oggi ho avuto modo di leggere il tuo post e devo dire che non capivo se a scrivere fossi tu oppure io. Ho già provato la vasta gamma di emozioni (non certamente positive) e come ben sai ho mollato, per questo non sono il più indicato a dirti di non mollare, ma la mia disponibilità nei tuoi confronti è totale. E’ più facile guardare dal buco della serratura piuttosto che partecipare attivamente, cambiano i luoghi ma non certamente i contenuti.
    E’ paradossale ma è una costante della nostra comunità.
    Giorno 10 di aprile l’associazione “Gianni De Luca” che mi onoro di presiedere presenterà un libro del professor Teti docente di etnologia alla università di Cosenza, “Pietre di Pane”Un’antropologia del restare. Attraverso racconti, memorie, note di viaggio e riflessioni, che si fondono in un romanzo antropologico ambientato tra la Calabria e il Canada, Vito Teti ricostruisce la complessità di chi decide di rimanere in Calabria.
    Dopo l’evento ti manderò le foto ed un post.
    A presto

    1. Ciao Domenico! La tua sincera risposta e’ sicuramente un raggio di sole in una giornata nuvolosa…

      Ti ringrazio per il tuo appoggio e le tue care parole. Mi fara’ grande piacere ricevere il tuo post della presentazione di “Pietre di Pane” e aspettero’ con ansia.

      In inglese si dice “let’s take little steps” (facciamo dei piccoli passi). La possibilita’ del tuo intervento in discorsi futuri per me e’ e sara’ un passo molto positivo.

      Un grande abbraccio, N.

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