2010… The Year That Was

Well, it’s that time again when we begin to ready ourselves for Christmas and the end of another year. Was this a significant year for you? Good? Bad? Memorable?

I think that this was definitely a significant year in Gagliato.

The year began with the town celebrating the 100th birthday of my Great Aunt Liberata Gareri. Significant indeed. At the same time (end of January), the town’s church, San Nicola Vescovo, suffered damage during a violent storm and that resulted in its closure for several months. Again, very significant for such a small town given that the lives of many revolve around their Church. Then, unexpectedly, the town was exposed to first-hand violence (assassinations) and repeated media attention as a result. Yet again, very significant for such a small town where everyone knows everyone else. That incident has had a very quieting effect on the entire town; likely a mix of fear, shock and disbelief.

Of course, many other events, regular in nature, took place and may have created some positive distraction – such events as NanoGagliato in July, the feast of San Nicola in August, and other town celebrations since.

On the “socio-cultural” side, one very important occurrence for 2010 was the demise of “La Strumba“, the very popular blog by Domenico Aspro. Domenico helped spur on discussion over the Internet on many diverse subjects. It was a unique approach and one that I am certain involved a lot of personal time. As I have learned from personal experience, maybe the expectations were too high… it is a monumental task attempting to garner and align the efforts of people that have a common connection. I miss you and “La Strumba“, Domenico!

As for the other “Gagliato” sites – the activity certainly appeared to wane as the year progressed – daily, weekly and sometimes monthly check-ins showed little change on the posts. However, the Facebook pages of a couple of the Associations appear to have some regular activity – so, there is some hope…

After a couple of years of significant visible cultural and social activity on the Internet, it appears that the Gagliato community prefers more quiet-ness now. That is a shame and I guess that such a fact may not bode well for participation levels on this site either…

I wish Gagliato a much more positive year in 2011.

2 thoughts on “2010… The Year That Was”

  1. Caro Nicola non avevo mai letto questo post e devo ammettere che quanto hai scritto mi ripaga, ampiamente, degli sforzi profusi per “A Strumba”. Tu, con il tuo sito, sai bene di cosa parlo e spero che questa opportunità ( il poter comunicare liberamente è una grande opportunità) venga colta dai tuoi lettori. Un caro Saluto

    1. Caro Domenico, il futuro e’ nostro e mantengo sempre speranza che o prima o dopo i nostri amici gagliatesi vedranno la forza dei nostri siti e la necessita’ di partecipare. Fino a quel punto, io faro’ il piu’ possibile di portare avanti questo sito e di dare appoggio agli altri siti. A presto, N.

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