Bring On 2010!

Well, it’s that time of year again when we reflect upon the year that was… and anxiously look forward to the next one.

Looking back and taking stock, 2009 was a very eventful year for the Gagliatese community. In Gagliato, a new mayor took the reigns after a very exciting electoral campaign; a new cultural group emerged in the Associazione Culturale di Gagliato “Gianni De Luca”; the Internet buzzed with Gagliato cultural activity created by several on-line groups; and too, the divisive and apathetic forces that plague the Gagliatese communities around the world continued to rear their ugly existence.

But, overall, it was a successful year for the Gagliatesi – because, culturally, more exists today than did a year ago. And most of it is on-line.

The question will be whether the Gagliatesi will do more with what they now have than they did in the past? For that to happen, what will be required is continued effort by the key parties who promote Gagliato culture and a tad more participation by Gagliatesi in general. We will be amazed what could be if everyone would participate just a little more.

But participate how?

First of all, read all or as much of the material that exists on the on-line sites dealing with Gagliato.

Secondly, constructively voice your opinions or sentiments about the existence of these sites and the subjects that they discuss. If you are concerned about exposing your identity, write to the administrators and specifically request that your identity not be disclosed, but that you want your opinion or sentiment shared with the community.

Thirdly, encourage the administrators who have taken significant amounts of time to generate the on-line sites.

Allowing yourself to be counted among the many who support the efforts will go a long way. And a year from now, we can look back and feel satisfied that we have created something greater still.

And remember, it’s not about money. It’s about retaining a cultural identity.