Presentation of “Gagliato” Photography Book To Gagliato

On January 10, 2009 Gagliato was presented with “Gagliato”, the photography book recently released by Nicola & Stephanie Gareri. The ceremony included an introduction by Gagliato’s Mayor, Giovanni Sgro’, the reading of the authors’ letter by lawyer Francesco Gareri from Argusto (the authors’ representative), and closing remarks by lawyer and former Mayor, Luigi Romiti. Many were in attendance as books were distributed to individuals who hosted or assisted the photographers while in Gagliato as well as to individuals who were photographed and presented in the book. Photographs of the presentation are available online at the La Strumba blog as well as at the Ergon Cultural Society site (see the “links” section). The various written sections of the book will be translated into Italian and presented in summary form on the La Strumba blog over the coming weeks.